Moonlight Reckoning - First Cutscene


The Dragon was done in Blender, though. Once again, thanks to Berteh for that Synfig Fire trick.

Animating was a pain though, due to few things:

  1. There isn’t an in-built tool for properly drawing, erasing and planning out shots (also scrobbling through frames using arrow keys) and thus I have to rely on Pencil, which also isn’t efficient enough.
  2. Need shortcuts, like in Blender. :frowning: S for Scale, R for Rotate, etc.
  3. Lack of vector drawing tool (with tablet) which temporarily switches to Normal tool for moving shapes around when Ctrl is held, then back to drawing tool when released. Also, a Simplify tool similar to Inkscape, in case there are too many tangents when drawing.
  4. No Automatic Loop option without prompting user (probably with a toggle on/off menu) when one end of the bline touches the other end, sort of like Inkscape.
  5. No Lock Layer (let a layer remain visible, be let it also be immune to selection).

Just saying this could really help speed up animating in Synfig.

I hope we can satisfy your requests on new coming releases. Great suggestions indeed.


I loved your use of shadows! They really added as sense of depth and realism.