Monster Matchin' Released to the App Store

Hello everyone!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything. I would like to thank everyone on this site, especially the admins, who have provided a wealth of information. Your willingness to assist community members is inspirational.

After almost 2 years of development, Catsoup Media has released it’s first Iphone App.

All animations over 5 frames utilized Synfig. In this case, all monster heads. If anyone is interested in reviewing our game, please send me an email and I can provide you with a promo code.

Once again,
Thank you Synfig.


Video Links: … ?ls=1&mt=8

It’s nice to see Synfig used for apps. Do you have a video of the application running?

Hi Genete!

Not yet, but it is a top priority. We’ll hopefully have one up by the end of the week.


A little late, but we’ve added video links to the original post!

Nice and good luck for your app…

We’ve made it free, for the holiday season, should anyone wish to give it a try.


I’ve installed it on an iPad 3 (iOS 7). Here are some impressions:

Instruction texts should be rendered not using images, they look ugly.
I miss a better explanation (visual) for how to use weapons and how to get them from the bag.
It took me some time to figure out that you can twist two monsters even not matching a three in a row or column. That helps a lot to move monsters to create threes.
It crashes frequently doing matches on the top right corner. I’ve not found a crash report to show to you.
I miss a gallery of objects and special monsters, to know what they do before used or appear.
Calibration for monster twisting is not accurate. It sometimes moves the monster I don’t want to move.

Apart of that, I find the game very addictive and enjoying. Good work! :smiley:


Hi Genete,

We really appreciate the feed back, and we’re glad you received some enjoyment from playing!