Missing Folders and error messages???

when i try to install synfig studio to my windows 7 computer (with the proper installer) i will be able to install it until about 1/4 of the way in the installation it would stop and say: error occurred opening file writing: C:\ program files\ synfig\ bin\ magickwand-config? what does this mean. when i try to ignore the message it will do the same thing for all of the other files, it wont retry when i click retry and i can only abort the installation? i get the uninstall option on my computer and a .exe file without an icon labeled: synfig. when i click it it says i am missing the folder libsynfig-0.dll. i found the file and dragged it out of the folder to my desktop. i clicked the .exe again and it said i was missing libcairo-2.dll? i cannot locate this file yet. could you people help me out?

Do you have enough disk space? Is the disk writable?

How much disk space is it? because i have i have 3.49 usable GB left? (out of 4.00 GB) Of memory RAM. If that is relevant or important to know

That’s not disk space but available RAM. Please chech that you can manually create the file that it complains that it (the installer) can’t create ( i.e. C:\ program files\ synfig\ bin\ magickwand-config) and be sure to follow the folders that it exactly writes in the error message.