So, I was out for a long time; but creating.
I had finished a new animation and this is a start of a new project… called minimarte.

Minimarte is an animated series project that seems that is going on.
I am using gimp-gap, synfig and Blender.

A screenshot:

Here is my youtube channel with 3 animations:

The website:

That´s all for now, but coming back to write a little more soon.

Supa cool … ideas, drawing, teasing, animating, makingofing … !!!
Are you a giant team?, did you found good tools?, or maybe you come from another system’ :wink:

Have detected a typo : LivreOffice <-> LibreOffice


As always, cool work! Always inspires me to spend more time with Synfig.
Little question: Will your “Livro sobre Animação” be translated into English?

Thanks guys!

No big team, just me and my brother for scripting. Yes, the tools are always open source, in Linux environment.
Linux Mint Debian Edition + Linux Ubuntu 12.04 ; both with xfce.

The tools:
Gimp, Inkscape, Synfig, Blender, Audacity, Kdenlive, LibreOffice, Avidemux( for convertion )

Well, about the book… Yes, My brother is translating it( about 4 months )and soon we will have it translated into English.

Keep going for the next episode.

Again, thanks!

Interesting! You’ve got a great concept going on there!

Mmmmmm… Hydrating Fluids… delicious!

The planet of déjà vu
clever title if you know a bit of Portuguese/Spanish - I like your depressing concepts

(I think the Bush idea is a bit overdone though, should have been more subtle)

Thank you guys!
Saorsa, yes, you got the idea. Maybe you´re write about the overdone though… that´s more coming soom.

There are more dense characters, all already drawed, with theire´s libraries ready to be used… and I am animating another one, maybe at the end of this week we´ll have another one episode.

Working hard here.