Minimarte Episode #2

Hi folks! A new episode of Minimarte is ready!
The video is here:

Some images:

The illustrations, drawings were made in Inkscape, than the animations and compositions made in Synfig. Only the character running was made in Blender, exported as image sequences( png), and imported in Synfig as .lst

The lipsync this time was made using “time loop” for randomically play a .lst

That’s it! Hope you enjoy it!

Very nice! I liked it!

Thanks! I have to thank all the “synfigers”, cause all that I am learning, I learn here.

Very good, Ricardo. I like color style.

As a critique, the winks of mars-people are too much continuous and anarchical.

Hi Fenix,
Thanks… humm, about the winks, I’ll try a better “character time” for the next ones.

I’ve tried to transmit the idea that they are a little bit “fast”; but maybe I could not find the right way to do that. I think that with the mouths I got it, but with the eyes… I had some problems to find the right way.

Thanks to point that problem.

Very nice. Always like your work!
Is the running character you made in Blender a 2d rig made out of flat planes or a real 3d character rendered with flat toon shades?
I have no problem with the alien winks, I mean, they are aliens, right and as such and are not supposed to wink like humans :smiley:

Thanks Darkspace65!

The running character is a 3D character rendered with toon shader. A sequence of PNG files imported as LST to Synfig.
But all the other objects and scenes were made with Synfig.

For this project I have flat plane characters, vector characters, to use with synfig, and 3D versions for some specific scenes. This is one case that I’ve tried to integrate 2D scene, 2D objects, and 3D in the same composition. The colors and style choosen help to do that.

I am trying the new BONE layers, and the new features in the snapshot releases. All great stuff for us!

I’ll try to explain. :laughing:

When I see that scene I have the sensation of not know where to see. There are too much moving thing. The eyes are really big, so when they moves take much attention to me. As they have not a “rythm” it a bit “dizzy”.

The first gruoup wink is cool. The three characters winks and relax. But after that, I just only see some mouth moving and a lot of eyes winking.

I think that movement must guide to the viewer to the action. If there is too much thing moving around…the viewer get lost.

Of course, it is my own feeling. :slight_smile:

Jaja… sure! : )

Great work Ricardo!

Hi folks!
The source files:

Very generous Ricardo!