Mingw is gone!!!

when i was going to install Mingw 5.1.3, i clicked the link for it and Sourceforge says its could not be found or is not available. how am i supposed to install synfig (for windows)?
also im new here and i dont know how to build synfig

Hi anil45,
I think that it still there. Check out this:

I don’t have experience with windows build but pixelgeek (our windows hero) is going back in a week or so.

Please stay tuned until he come back and then you’ll have more support.
Also I inform you that we are migrated to git so you should use the git repository instead of the three svn. Try to replace the that in the build instructions if you dare with them.
We plan to do a new release in September so hopefully you can have a new binary for windows on that time.

Welcome! :slight_smile:


Anil45 - did you find it?


not yet because in this website: sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/files/ which file do i pick? :question:

Ah - looks like they’ve retired 5.1.3 of the MinGW autoinstaller.

Try this link for version 5.1.4. I haven’t tried it, but it ought to work.

sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/ … e/download