Hi! I’m new to Synfig. I was tooling around with the interface and i managed to lose my menu (File, View, Edit, Etc…)
I cant find any information about restoring this and the usual way i access these menus (alt-f, etc) does not work. Is there any keyboard command to restore these? I tried reinstalling the application but the configuration persists. Is there a configuration file that i can delete? I am operating Synfig under windows 10 if that information helps. Thanks.

Hi and welcome Notsobadgood,
you just need to make appear the context menu in the workarea (right-click).
Then select View/Show Menubar :wink:

Hello and welcome here notsobadgood,

You can use also the Caret Menu to

Nota: information missing in the wiki

Thanks for the replys! However I was able to figure it out mere seconds after my post. I simply right clicked the canvas area! Please forgive my asinine question. Likely the first of many. :smiley: