Mediawiki users, please apply here for email autenthication

I’ve found a recipe to manually email authenticate the account of the users in the wiki. Thanks to eldruin :slight_smile:
Please reply this post to ask me to authenticate your user while we solve the host problems.
Thanks for your patience.


I’d like to contribute in the translation of the Synfig documentation into Spanish. However, I can’t confirm my email because I don’t get any mail, so I can’t do anything.

I’ll be waiting for your instructions.

Thank you.

Your wiki user (Desespasado) has been activated. Please test it and confirm me that you can edit wiki pages properly.
Please, before start translating try to follow the latest translation scheme using DLP macros. I hope we can write soon some instructions for the collaborators.
Your help is fully appreciated.
Cheers and Happy New Year.

Thank you, Genete!

I think everything is allright now.

Sorry, it was me the previous post. :blush:

After final migration to host, this is not needed anymore.