Been thinking…

About damn time we have mascots! :smiley:

Maybe a blue duck, based in current Synfig logo

I’m feeling a February challenge coming on… :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for having been gone for so long. Was busy with stuff and my parents’ anniversary. :smiley: Blue duck sounds rad! I’ll get the sketch done today evening.

A sketch of a duck using 4 Synfig logos, beat that! >=D


i wish i could do it inside Synfig, but is not possible for now

Holy sheeeeit! I was about to submit my own version till I saw yours. =P Clever use of Synfig logo there!

Sorry, I hadn’t been getting much time on my hands recently (not even a paper and pencil with me), but I did manage to find a comp with Sai on it and made a rough concept. 8)

or like this?
the shape of the logo is fine to put duck feet, but they are a little big !

[edit] It looks maybe a little more like an onion than a duck …

Why a duck?
(BTW, those do look pretty good.)

@Euphreana - the circles used to control the shapes of the outlines in Synfig are called ‘ducks’ - see for more info.

@mad0 - Yay for the Synfig Onion!

@ H13N.H3N: “el patito feo” very good :smiley:
@ tushantin: is a rapper?
@mad0: Ha, ha, I like it a lot :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I’ve been sketching a few ducks that I’d like to share:

BTW, the antenna-like things with the circles on the end are meant to represent control ducks.

I like the right-hand one. :slight_smile:

My work tempo has really gone down to a glacial pace recently, I’ve finally gotten round to cleaning up and tracing my duck in synfig:

I’d like to do some more work on the shading to give his (hers?, its?) body a bit more volume. It still looks a bit too flat to me.

i like it very much well done. :smiley:

looks cute, but why the antennas?

Wow, very nice and friendly character!

why the antennas?

The antennas are meant to represent the control ducks that are used to control the smoothness of curves in synfig. They’re just meant to make the duck more of a ‘synfig duck’ and less a ‘generic cartoon duck’.

I see, have you tried putting them on it tail? like peacock feathers?

What the hell! I disappear for only a bit and you guys go all awesome without me! :smiley: Fantastic work, Dustbunny! I believe we have a winner.