mark active point on or off.

Hey there. I am having trouble with this feature.

Whats happening is that the actual animation doesn’t match up with the bline. I marked off the vertices when and where I wanted them to appear, and disappear (including editing each one so they wont show up in the beginning of the animation.), but it still doesn’t morph right. I’m having the most trouble with marking active point off. What do I do to animate it right?


Can you post an example file?

yes. The problem starts at 642f. This also happens at 144f, but its barley noticeable so i let that one slide.

At 642f, I didn’t finish the keyframe pose because I wanted to fix the body first. That’s why it looks kinda sloppy.
Chicken Monster Strikes!.sifz (221 KB)

Can you be more specific? Please indicate the offending layer and the vertex with the problem.

Its the Chicken monster body layers (both regional and outline) on the keyframe 642f. it will be easier to open up the up CM1 on the exported canvas list since every keyframe is labled there for his animation. 8)

The offending verticies are vertext 008 and vertext 010. I don’t want those verticies visable at all at this point, but it seems as if they are still there.

Thanks Genete. I’ve figured out what was going on. :blush:

Kinda embarassing me not figureing it out sooner. :neutral_face:

I’m glad you solve it!