Manually change parameter type to vector (animated)

I want to be able to change the type of a parameter to vector (Animated). It is not available in the right-click menu and only ever appears when a parameter has been animated e.g. the object moved. For reasons similar to those found in this thread is there a way to manually change the type to vector (Animated)?

Just change the value in animate mode to something and immediately chane it again to the previous value. It would produce the desired waypoint.
Alternatively add a keyframe on the frame you want the waypoint, move the time to anywhere else and in animate mode change the values. The original value would remain on the keyframe and you can safely remove the unwanted waypoints on the other frame. You have one animated value but not modified.


Those seem like very hacky/cludgy ways of doing it, but it worked. Thanks!

Would it not be easier if there was a way to right-click to add a waypoint at the current frame with the current parameter value? I realise that keyframes do accomplish this but I don’t always want to do a keyframe for all parameters of all objects.