Is there any manual that is on PDF format?
How can I animate?

there’s no PDF manual so far.
Most of the documentation is available in the Wiki
The quickest way to get started is to look at the tutorials, especially the basic ones.
(the 1st one is available as PDF but it’s text only and not very friendly, in my opinion)

I guess you want PDF so you can print that easily. PDF are not as easy to maintain as a wiki, but maybe we should add a “print” link that would give access to the pages without the black top and left menu etc., so everything could be printed without much hassle.

Some way of downloading the whole wiki for use offline would be really useful- as I don’t always have web access

There are some applications that allow store a complete site in your hard disk. Try wget first.
Originally there was documentation by svn download but I think that since last website modification that featured was not maintained. It would be good to restore it, though.

Since copyright/license information doesn’t exist for the wiki, we cannot turn it into a PDF/etc. It would be great to start a documentation project. Perhaps some of the authors of the wiki pages can be contacted so we can use their work in it. Ideally it would be written using DocBook XML (so it can be transformed into many formats) and GPL licensed so we can copy parts into the code and parts of the code into it.


I’ve just started working with Synfig, and some of the /tutorials are really helpful.