Making circle to other shape

Hello, I just started synfig to animate some simple things.
I need help with editing circles. I need complete circles, but then the circle becomes like this:

When circles becomes like that, the upper and lower line should start from the highest and lowest edge of the circle.
I tried adding more items, but it ruined my circle…(I’m terrible at drawing) So, I want just that original circle remaining completely normal but edit the shape like that.


drawing in inkscape and exported of synfig, this can do in synfig but is more work

Using a circle generated with a shape

circulo.sif (57.2 KB)

And so i challenged myself… :unamused:

CircleShaping.sifz (2.82 KB)

How you draw circles with so many points?

oh…, that was region, which means i can use this

Although i actually didn’t use that one, for more customization (and i forgot i can use that) :unamused:
for that file, it was still a 4 point circle

then i use several ‘rulers’ to help me a bit, with two mirrored ‘rectangles’ , ruler ‘guides’ , and ‘snap to guide’ option
then ‘insert and keep shape’ and ‘tangent split’ them


from one waypoint to another, i ‘delete’ the top and bottom points with ‘delete item’ menu while ‘animation mode on’
it’s not completely gone though, as the ‘deleted’ points are marked as ‘activepoint off’

also, vertexes and tangents will snap to guides as well which makes it easier

  1. draw a circle with 8 vertex instead of 4 (use the spline points settings of the circle tool parameters panel)
  2. draw two horizontal guidelines that represent the top and bottom of the second shape
  3. split the tangents of the (4 extra) spline points that are crossed by the guidelines
  4. got to animation mode
  5. go to frame 24 and change the shape of the circle using the guidelines
  6. press play…

Not complicated at not more work at all. I think it takes longer to start up Inkscape and draw a circle there and export it to Synfig. :smiley:

circle.sifz (1.08 KB)