make_openexr error

I am following the Building on Windows page.
I am up to the make openexr step but get this error.

Making OpenEXR... Cleanup directories Preparing sources Applying patches... patching file `' patch unexpectedly ends in middle of line patch: **** malformed patch at line 10:

I changed the name of the patch files
because that is the version of openexr I have.

I made this change in synbuild

# OpenEXR source package SYN_OPENEXR_VERSION="1.6.1" SYN_OPENEXR_SRC="${SYN_SOURCE_DIR}/openexr-${SYN_OPENEXR_VERSION}.tar.gz"

any ideas?


Sorry databear, I haven’t figured out how to get OpenEXR 1.6 working either. Atrus was the developer that originally figured out the Windows build scripts and got OpenEXR running, but he hasn’t been around in a while. It looks like quite a lot was changed from 1.4 to 1.6.

From the error message, it sounds like your patch file may not be terminated correctly?

The scripts on the wiki do work with OpenEXR 1.4, so you might try down-revving to that?

Or, if you don’t need to render to OpenEXR format, just ignore that piece, and Synfig & Synfigstudio should compile fine without it.


(and if you do get 1.6 working, please update the wiki so that others can benefit too!)

OpenEXR 1.6 probably doesn’t need those patches any more, simply try without them.