Major Noob Here ^_^'

Hello, Iā€™m Mokonafanxox :mrgreen:

I just downloaded Synfig today and I was wondering where do I start?

I do have some animation experiences in paint and Gimp, will that help me learn Synfig better?

Here are 3 examples (First 2 from Gimp last one from MS paint):

This is from a tutorial that I made:

Old :open_mouth:
I cut, flipped and pasted the tail on this one :blush:

If you want to CnC you can :slight_smile:.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Mokonafanxox!
Welcome to Synfig community! :slight_smile:

We are updating the structure of the wiki to make it more easily navigable and translatable. So it can seem a bit unorganized now.
Here are some links you can use to start:


O.K, Thanks!!

Those links should to help out ^_^.

Nice to meet you to :slight_smile:.

Mokonafanxox ^.^