Mac shortcut?

It seems that the shortcut doesn’t work in Mac. How to use them? e.g. I want to choose the zoom tool… alt+z doesn’t work. Thanks!!! I am using the latest Synfig 1.0.3

i do’t have osx to confirm/infirm the problem … does other tools’ shortcut work ? (alt-q / alt-s / alt-d / alt-w / alt-x / alt-g / alt-e … )

Nota : i’m sure you do not have synfigstudio v 1.0.3, but maybe v1 RC3 (Release Candidate) ?

Yes. it’s 1.0.3 RC3. The other tools shortcut not working too
Anyway. I installed Linux Mint on my mac, so it’s all good now. Thanks.

I have created a bug entry for your report - … issues/839

by the way, welcome to the forums …

The software do run better and more stable on linux. cutout tool is nice.

I have another question… where’s the input field to set the onion skin prev and next frames?
In the wiki doc, the older version of the synfig have the input field to set number of prev and next frames.

I just downgraded to the mint repo version lol.

seems the old version miss more functions then I thought (switching back to 1.0 rc3… ).

Seems like the onion skin has known issue. … issues/754