Mac OS X?

Hey guys! :slight_smile:

It’s me, puzzlespider. Somehow, I cannot register at this board… :frowning:

What I wanted to ask:
I switched to a Mac now, and I don’t want to miss on Synfig… when is the Mac-Version of the new Synfig out? =)

cheers, Daryl

We are aware of that. As you already know we have recently migrated from to sourceforge host due to lots of problems with memory a the virtual private server that holds Unfortunately the sendmail service is not available at sourceforge hosting so users cannot register in forum or wiki. We are looking for a new host.

There is not Mac OS maintainer. You have two alternatives:

  1. Build it by your self. There are some threads in the Building Synfig section about building on mac. Here the official building instructions:
  2. Use fink version. Here is a link: … ary=synfig

Good luck