luckyjoe's works

I’m a beginner and this is my first animation.


Well done. :slight_smile:

My new work

The car was funny because it did the famous Loony tunes Drop. As for the eye, it looks good but… I would hate to know what happens if someone decides to use a key while hes there…

Anyway, good work!

My new work. Sorry for a blur effect. Thanks to Ricardo Graca for tutorials.

These are great!
The Looney Tunes-like car one got a chuckle out of me.
I liked how you ended the second one with the total zoom in on the eye.
The last one reminded me of Hanna-Barbera, for some reason.

Thanks, my next work.

A new video

I still can’t get over this kinda faux retro animation style here. :smiley:
Subscribed to you on Youtube. :slight_smile:

yeah, my drawing skills are bad.

Very nice, man!
I see you’re a fan of those spaghetti-western movies :slight_smile:

But the facial expressions are a little scanty. I would try to make it more complex, you know, brow knitting and all that “serious-man-looking” stuff.

Not so bad. You’re good at proportions. It’s always a big pain for me to draw a body without some proportional issues.