Lst file seems not to work


Hello community

Would you like to help me with this?
When I load the lst file as layer that shows the movements of the mouth the mouth keep the same during the first 50 seconds, althogh the lst file gives instructions about the motions of the mouth during the first 50 seconds .

Please, help



did you check the wiki?
and video tutorial


Hello Bob

I checked the information you sent me. Thank you.
But still I have the problema. I am doing the lip sync with a lst file.
But in the first 13 seconds of the video, the mouth does not work.
The mouth is the same during the first 13 seconds.
Bob, please help me

And also the wav file is not working properly, there are part that are repeated and other parts dont appear when is reproduced


Bob, I think i solved it.
when i reproduce the video seems not to load the lst file, but when I render the lst file Works fine.