Lottie export image sequence


I have a png sequence, and i would like to export with lottie. The issue here is that the file is completely blank.

Is that normal? do i need to convert png files into svg or vector shape?

Thank you.

Hello and welcome to the Synfig forums.
Exporting image sequence is currently not supported by the Lottie exporter in Synfig, but you can expect it to be supported in the future.
You can find the list of supported features here: https://synfig-docs-dev.readthedocs.io/en/latest/projects/lottie-export-for-web.html

I have submitted an issue on the github issue tracker, where you can track the progress: https://github.com/synfig/synfig/issues/1634

Thank you.

That would be a killer feature!!

In the meantime, do you have a work around to convert image sequences into vector or svg?

I tried with inkscape, but it’s really painfull with 250 images to convert lol

Best regards.

@devs any help here :smiley:

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