lordy is here!

Hi there :slight_smile:
I am from Bangladesh.

I am studying IT now for one and half year, and am interested in lots of stuff. When I was about pretty young, I started developing interest about animations. I used Macromedia Flash MX for some time, did some basic stuff.
Then I got busy with my study and now I am loving the open source community. I prefer doing all my works in Ubuntu, and I was searching for something that can help me create animation.

Going through various forums, I came to know about Synfig and after going through some screenshots, I thought I should give this software a try.

That’s how I came to know about synfig.

And first thing after registration I did was to thank you guys in a probably not-so-welcomed manner. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe the section I posted first was not meant for this type of reply. I apologize for that.
But still, I am pretty excited about this software.

Welcome lordamit.
You’ll enjoy lot using Synfig.