Loops and motion issues

Hey, I just got Synfig last week I think, and I’m currently struggling with something.

I have one of my characters flapping their wings (on loop), and blinking as well. I want to make the bounce up and down as they flap their wings. I want it on loop, of course, but I can’t really seem to get the character to blink.

Is there any way so that I can have the character blink while they are moving?

Hiya, could you share the synfig file please, so that I can help you better?

Hey! Sorry I couldn’t get back to you. I had a lot of stuff to do yesterday. Did you want just a screenshot of it or the actual file?

The actual file please

Ok. I am kinda new to this thing, so I’m not really sure if it may be private or not.

I don’t think anyone would steal your work, but if you are still unsure. Click on my name and then click on ‘Message’ to message me privately