Looping with changing origin?


Hi, a new Synfig user here. Still trying to figure out a lot of things, working through tutorials and the forum. ^^ Even though there are many bugs and it runs very unstable here on Win 7, I really like the program and its tools so far.

Back to topic. Right now I’m experimenting with different ways of reusing/looping an animation. Problem is that I want it to appear at a different position every time. Right now if I loop it with a time loop layer for example, it just re-appears at the point where it was created. But I would like to change its x-origin at the beginning of every loop by let’s say 100px. Even better would be if these new origins along the x-axis would be taken from another moving object, but this will be the second task …

So what can I do to loop an animation and adjust its origin in a discrete step at every loop? If there would be an internal loop counter variable I could simply multiply it with the offset …


If I understand correctly, just group all the elements of the animation and animate the origin of the group with constant interpolation at any position.