looped background

How can I make a looped background cartoon like Hannah Barbara? Thanks for the help!

Here are some examples.
The background end must match the background start exactly.
You can obtain a looping bakground by:


  1. Create a copy of the background.
  2. Translate the duplicated in the direction of movement exactly same length than its length: ‘L’
  3. Make the background move using linear movement (linear interpolation)
  4. When the background copy ends insert a jump (constant interpolation) back to -2L
  5. Repeat 3 and 4 as many times needed


  1. Repeat the same than 1 to 3 before
  2. Insert a Time Loop Layer before all the backgrounds
  3. Create a cycle of a duration that is the time that the background spends to travel from show the original background to the copy of the background.

If you want I can post a simple example. Or request a tutorial to be added in the wiki :wink:

If you could post a source file or there could be a tutorial online, that would be extremely helpful, and I would be extremely grateful!

genete already pointed out viewtopic.php?f=17&t=257 :mrgreen:

here is more:

source download.tuxfamily.org/synfig/co … pinado.zip

Well, that’s not a good example… :blush: It doesn’t use any of the techniques I explained before and maybe it is for more experiences users.


Here is a looping background example file.
0) Set the default interpolation mode (at the bottom of the toolbox) to be Linear.

  1. Duplicated the original background and translate the duplicated to create a continuous landscape but repeated.
  2. Then with a Translate layer I’ve moved both to be visible on the starting frame, the left part of the most left landscape.
  3. Later I’ve created a keyframe on the starting point and another on the end point. (0f and 24f in this case)
  4. In animation mode and with the time cursor at the end keyframe, I’ve translated the landscape to match the left part of the right copied landscape with the original position of the left one, at start point. I’ve used a past onionskin to match exactly the position.
  5. Once you’ve achieved one exact cycle you have to create the loop. To do that create another keyframe one frame later from the start point. Click on the Translate layer parameter and right click: “Add interpolation” This adds a waypoint on the next frame close to the start point. Call that keyframe “start point +1”
  6. Place the cursor one frame later than the end point and duplicate the newly created keyframe. That would rewind both landscapes to a new starting point.
  7. Duplicate the end keyframe at 24*2=48 frames. Duplicate the “start point +1” at 48+1=49 frames
    8.) Repeat 7) as many times needed but increasing the position by 24 frames each time

If you’ve learned something with this small tutorial and want to reward us with your help, please consider convert this tutorial into a wiki tutorial and contribute to others to learn this technique.

Do you imagine other technique to create looping backgrounds? With Synfig there are many!!
[size=50]Note: The landscape has not been created by me, it has been taken form clker.com[/size]
landscapeloop.sifz (12.9 KB)