Loop/Repeat with offset

I’m attempting to recreate in Synfig the attached animation made in Blender. It was achieved by creating the swiping animation once and then using f-curves to interpolate that animation. Essentially it repeats it with an offset.

I’ve tried to do this in Synfig using a time loop layer but it onlypeats the animation over and over, without offsetting (file attached). Is there any way I can do this in Synfig?
loop.sfg (1.08 MB)

I don’t know if there is a better way. I think it is not possible as Blender way. But you can do it “easily” doing manually.

Here is an example:

It was made fast. So the animation is not very smooth.

Here is the Synfig file (0.64v): slider.sifz (3.83 KB)

It is just has a container moving the images. If you need to change the images, it is enough load and put them in the correct position. So, you can re-use it.

Thanks for the advice.

I tried toying around with different types of attributes but you’re right, it seems manual is the only way to do it. You can see the finished gif here http://www.hellocatfood.com/ways-of-something-screening-and-qa-12th-march/