Loop parameter confusion.PLZ help


I know how to use the loop parameter to create a continuous animation but I find the difference between link time local time and duration very confusing…( though I read the wiki documents) :blush:

I have enclosed an animation that I would like to happen twice once at (25s to 27s 15f) then the second time starting at 45s 2f …with no animation in between …How can I do it…heaven knows how I tried :frowning:
liquid.sifz (5.29 KB)

I’ve struggled with the same issue. The ONLY way I’ve been able to make it work is as I described here:

reusing animation whitout copying EVERY. SINGLE. WAYPOINT?!

In your situation, you’d have to place your animation in a group, and arrange for your animation to naturally run starting at 25s, then at the 45s 2f point, subtract what is necessary from the time offset parameter of the group so your animation in the group believes it is once again the 25s point in time.

That will work but I’d also like to find a way to create a canvas with a self contained animation and through the use of local offset and link offset, be able to repeat the animation any time I want. Anytime I’ve tried using those parameters, the animation will repeat but won’t start at the first frame.

Thank you very much for replying to my post.

Sorry if my question sounds stupid but which of these three is the time offset parameter? :blush:
link time?
local time?
Thanks in advance

Not a stupid question at all. When you create a group, one of the parameters for that group is called “Time Offset”.

I’m using version 1.0 of Synfig. I don’t recall if version 0.64.x contains the “Time Offset” parameter if that’s causing any confusion.

I’m using the version 0.64.x …that’s probably why…I don’t know what the equivalent of time offset in this version is…

Anyway, your suggestion of subtracting the appropriate time is very logical… thank you…I’m trying it now…I will use trial and error to find what time offset means… :slight_smile: