Look and Read

I haven’t uploaded anything here for a while so I thought I’d upload a quick job I just did using Synfig Studio - I thought seeing a typical file of mine might be of interest to people just starting to use Synfig.

This is an animation originally done for a TV schools series called Look and Read from the mid 70s (the first series to use it was Cloudburst, followed by The Kings Dragon, The Boy from Space and Skyhunter).

I originally animated this in Macromedia Flash in 2008 - I’m trying to get my stuff out of Flash and into Synfig Studio as I hate the idea of my work trapped in a proprietary format.

I exported the Look and Read logo from Macromedia Flash as an EPS file, then imported it into Inkscape to clean it up a bit. Then, I exported my Inkscape file as a .SIF using nikitakit’s excellent Inkscape SIF exporter.

I reanimated the pupils of the eyes using an image sequence I created from the original source video - to create the .lst file I used an lst file generating script by rylleman, that’s available on his website. Sometimes I also use the renumbering script that’s also available on his website.

rylanderanimation.se/2009/07/28/ … -lst-file/

You’ll notice some of the effects layers I use at the top to simulate the 16mm film that this ident was originally shot on.

If you open this file don’t worry about the complaints caused by .lst file - just ignore them.

I used Fedora 17, GNOME 3.4.2 and the 64-bit RPM of Synfig Studio.
look-and-read.sifz (11.6 KB)

Very nice! It is a 70’s smiling rolling eyes! :unamused:

I don’t remember that one…

You’re probably too young (I wish I was!). If you look for Cloudburst on YouTube you’ll find it.