Logo Animation

Logo Animation for Khushi Pharmaceuticals, I have used flash for 2d animations before. but this is the first time i have done it in Synfig Studio. And now i m enjoying this great application.
To see the animation Please click here:- http://www.neerajmourya.co.cc/2011/12/logo-animation-for-khushi.html
waiting for ur feedbacks.

Very nice! Thanks for use Synfig!

Nice work. I like the sounds most, did you record them or are the from online?

I used that text production beforeā€¦ I think? (feather 1->0 + Amount 0 ->1)?

I thought I was so smart for coming up with that. lol. Great minds!

Thanks all. ya sounds are from online.
but i know that this is a logo animation. I want to do some good character animations. but not getting any good reference that how to start it in synfig from beginning.

Try this:


Start maybe by drawing different body parts. The drawing is the hard part.