Lock length

Is there any way to lock the length of a BLine? So I don’t accidentally change it?
Also, can I disable the tangents so it is always a straight line?

If you want to lock the a bline and don’t want to accidentally change it just right click on the bline parameter and select Convert->Reference. It will prevent to show you any duck of the bline but it also would prevent edit it by duck handling.
To come back to Bline select Convert->BLine instead.

To make it always a stragith line and be able to change its orientation using the vertex ducks you can do this:
First make the tangent’s length zero.
Second right click on the tangent subparameter and select Convert->Greyed. Convert to Reference won’t work because Synfig will modify the referenced using the reference ducks. In the case of the bline there is not way to modify the referenced by the reference’s ducks because it is a non coded type.


Ok, thanks!

A problem: I’ve done that, and it works fine, but now I can’t move the actual points because the greyed tangent is in the way.

Aaah yes, Looks like the greyed ducks are catched before than the normal ones. Hmmm, you can hide the tangent ducks and it will work as well. But then you cannot edit other valid tangents at the same time…
Ok, let’s go by the long way:
Export each vertex’s vector position and name them as v1, v2, …
Convert each tangent to Scale: (LHS-RHS)*scale
Link each LHS and RHS to every V1, V2, etc to make the tangent point to the current neighbour vertex position. Scale it to a more affordable value, i.e. 0.5
See example file:
polyline.sifz (864 Bytes)

Maybe we can make a automation for thin kind of conversions.

Also allow user to hide non manipulable ducks would be good too.


o.O wow that’s complicated.
I think the hiding of the tangents could work because I could just show them when I want to edit other tangents…