lock keyframes mockups

The icon of the button has been discussed a bit in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=2866

After that, I noticed that we can use dropdown menu instead just using different icons to identify different status of the lock keyframes, here is my mockup:

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I think that would be great. I love the new preview and render icons at the top right too!

DaveJ, Thanks :slight_smile:

And now I would like to share another proposal :


Would this be too much? (open lock for non locked frames)

It is nice, I will follow it :mrgreen:

That’s very nice improvement. Maybe just the buttons are a little bit out of style?


Yes the buttons are out of style at all. Those icons should be following tango-spec as well.
This is the first time I do mockup in Synfig Studio :slight_smile: not a bad tool for UI task, there are some good parts other graphic applications don’t have.