Little Red Riding Hood

Hi everybody,

I am playing with Synfig for more than a week now, and I am thinking of doing my version of cartoon about Little Red Riding Hood. So far I have just a small preview at :

Any comments are welcome.


Have you got other link? :slight_smile:

Youtube is “currently performing site maintenance” so I guess the video will be available in a few minutes/hours.

Sorry for inconvenience :blush:

It is up again, just the comments and ratings are disabled :frowning:

It’s looking great! The colors tell me it’s happy :smiley:
I like it, flowers, clouds and specially the cloud fading out into the sky, well done!

Looking good to me too!


aaaahwww… She so cute! I love that story. Forward to see wolf design!

I will post other characters as soon as I have something presentable. The thing is I am still not sure what kind of personality I want the Wolf to have, so everything is still work in progress…

Nice work! Very cute anim :slight_smile:

I kinda tried to design The Wolf, but am still not satisfied. The thing is I don’t want him to look BAD, he’s supposed to be just a normal guy. Here’s the link to the image: … 6717222d35

Does anyone else think he looks like a fox?


Maybe more grey colouring than brown would help him look more wolf-like? I think he looks fine.

Changed my mind. I redesigned the wolf, I think he matches the Little Red Riding Hood better now, clip is at:

This one fits much better the story style.
I love it!

That’s a great sneaking wolf I think, well done!

I designed the Granny and the Hunter too. So far the whole crew looks like this:

Hopefully some clips will follow soon :slight_smile:

A simple clip presenting all characters:

It would be an interesting story :wink:

Hi again,

I just had some time to think about the storyline and characters and realised that my wolf is pretty hard to animate - blines for legs and arms make it a little more difficult.

So I changed my mind (again) and tried out the REALLY BAD (PG 13) wolf look.

Comments and suggestion are as always more than welcome.

Looks good! But I don’t see it would be easy to animate :wink:

I liked the first version of wolf more. He’s cute! Especially his tail. Maybe add a black necktie to him?