List Importer question

Hi folks,

I see where the list importer can handle Papagayo files. Are those phoneme name stems hard coded into the list importer? Or would it be possible to generalize that functionality and import any similar, named image batch so long as I followed that same procedure? For example, lets say I had a set of image files where each was a different head position. Could I do something like this?

'Cause that would be really cool.


I had a quick look at listimporter.cpp, and whilst I’m not an expert, I don’t see anything in there that assumes what the filenames are - you should be able to supply any filename you want in the list, and as long as synfig can find it, you should be good to go.

At least it’s worth, trying, isn’t it? Let me know if it doesn’t work.

Are you working on the August challenge?

Okay, cool. I was hoping that there wasn’t something in the code that would preclude this approach. I do plan to test it out. Thanks.

I’m not planning to do the August challenge because I’ve embarked on my own August/September challenge.


No. You can use any file name. There is only a condition:The image file must be at the same folder than the “lst” file.

Yes you can do that. In fact it is a small modification of the list importer code to allow read papagayo output files. But as well as you understand how papagayo file format works you can create your own ones.

I’m glad you liked the patch I did :slight_smile:


A quick check of the source code reveals that the listimporter already can read Papagayo files, since at least svn revision 1540 (2008-01-31).

Genete: I’m confused accoording to the svn commit message from dooglus, you were the source of this patch!?!


Yeah, that wasn’t in doubt. The question was whether that functionality could be used to read any arbitrary set of files and the answer appears to be yes.

The cool thing about this is that it means that Synfig can be used to composite, say, a hand-drawn walk sequence (particularly one that isn’t a cycle per se) over a moving background. It allows you to use Synfig to produce animation that looks very traditional.


Yes I was. It want not so complex to do. Dooglus made it more readable but basically the code was created by me. Just check the main papagayo file output format and decide if it is a normal list importer file or a papagayo one. Gif format is missing. :confused:

I would like to add some new functionalities to synfig I have in mind. But need to organize my time and acquire a new computer first. And of course understand LOTS of things about how does synfig source works.