Lip sync problem!

Hello dear Synfig. It’s me again. Okay let’s get to the point. I would like to ask you to write an automatic lip sync program like the adobe animate program. Let this be such a code that animators can make their characters speak with sound files by creating mouth shapes without any difficulty.
I am aware of the existence of a program called “Papagayo”. But I want something easier. I know this is not easy for you guys. But you can do it. If you do that Synfig will be more popular. And more people gonna donate your software. Thank you so much for reading this.

The Synfig 5.1 release supports .tsv “tab separated values” time/shape files as output by a program “Rhubarb” e.g. “rhubarb blah.wav -o blah.tsv”. Thanks Baaz for adding this feature.

This makes use of the same switch and animate-from-file conversions as the doodad for Papagayo did/does. In your synfigstudio session you import the .tsv and .wav files and then tend to the mouth shapes as groups a b c d e f g x inside the switch,