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Thursday, 07 March 2013 10:55 Carla Schroder
The Business and Artistry of High-End Creative Works in Linux
Linux and free software are fantastic vehicles for creative works, including large-scale commercial creative projects, because we have a large selection of professional multimedia creation software, and most of it is free of cost. But it takes more than just playing with great software-- what does it take to launch a large project, and keep it going? How do you find funding, or make any money? Terry Hancock and Rosalyn Hunter, the husband and wife team behind Anansi Spaceworks, are venturing forth into the new uncertain territory of independent creative artists, and going where few Linux nerds have gone before with their ambitious 3D animated series, Lunatics!.


Even with professional software like Blender this stuff is not magic, and it takes a lot of work and skill.

"There are some open, high-risk production questions that have to be answered before we can put solid plans into place. I still need to demonstrate the digital puppetry concept. Honestly, I should’ve done that ages ago, but it’s one of those packages with no appreciable documentation and no user-base. So I’ve seen what the author can do with it, but it’s quite a different thing to do it myself. Also, it has to interact with the game-controller hardware and so on, so it’s kind of a big deal to set up.

"It isn’t the only solution, though. If it falls through, we have some other options, like doing the character animation in 2D. I have some offers to do that kind of work on contract with Synfig which are pretty attractive and the budgets would be similar for the pilot.