I was trying to link objects and got this error: value_desc_link: Cannot link two values of different types (‘real’ and ‘vector’). Does anyone know what is going on? Thanks.

The answer that you obtain from synfig is caused by you want to link two values of different types (eg. an integer with a boolean)
To be able to link two ducks or two parameters both have to be the same type (real with real, angle with angle, etc). In your case you was trying to link a Real parameter with a Vector parameter (Rea, Real). You can only link one Real with a Vector.x or a Vector.y parameters.

To do that just right click over the vector parameter, and select Convert->Composite. It would allow you access the X or Y coordinates of the Vector. Then Export the X or Y and connect (link) to the real parameter.

If you need help with this explanation please ask here again.


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