Linking region and outline in hand-coded sif file

I’m working on adding linking features to the SVG editor. A file produced by the converter is in the attachment (with some editing done by me). The intent is to link the region and outline blines.

When Synfig Studio loads this file, the region and outline are not linked. Clicking “revert” reverts the document, but it also links the two of them together. What’s more, adding a GUID to the origin vector (line 20) will stop the revert behavior from occurring, no what the added GUID is.

So my question is: does anyone know what’s going on here? Am I misunderstanding the file format, or is this a legitimate Synfig bug?

Synfig build info:
Revision: 20110818
Branch: nikitakit_master
Revision ID: 449787
link-region-outline.sif (9.65 KB)

Can you give a detailed recipe for this step?
I’ve done this and it doesn’t get linked as you mention:

  1. Open de file
  2. Select the Region
  3. Nudge a blinepoint of the Region
  4. Caret Menu->File->Revert (it shows a warning window)
  5. Select the Region of the reverted document
  6. Nudge a blinepoint of the Region->It is not linked.

Synfig Studio 0.63.00 Windows XP

In your file, replace the GUID with 32 hexadecimal characters and it will be linked once opened. Your GUID is 18 character length.
See :
String synfig::GUID::get_string()const
synfig::GUID::GUID(const String &str)
at synfig-core/src/synfig/guid.cpp