Linking Origin to Vertex

Hi all,
I just started out learning Synfig and am working my way through the tutorial.
Right now, unfortunately I’m stuck in the flower animation. I made my stem as well as the petal and moved the petal into position. Then I selected the objects and the origin / vertex as instructed and linked both. However, instead of the origin getting its value of the vertex, the vertex snaps to the origin of the petal and sticks to it. I tried all possible combinations of selecting and linking but the result stays the same. Any ideas? Haven’t found anything on that particular problem yet.
Synfig Animation 1.sifz (3.72 KB)

Maybe this can help

yes I’ve seen that one, but that’s not the one I have. I’ve attached a rendered gif of what’s happening to me. After linking I’d expect the petal to stay at the tip of the stem all the time, and move along with it accordingly. Unfortunately it doesn’t. It stays static while the stem is connected to it. Without the link, the stem would animate as intended.

What I found so far is, I can link 2 vertices together and they work as intended, and I can also link 2 origins together and they work as intended. As soon as I try to link a vertex and an origin, it breaks. As in the vertex always snaps to the origin, not the other way round, no matter what I do.
Synfig Animation linked.sifz (3.66 KB)
Synfig Animation 1.gif