Linking not working?

I basically link a Rotate Layer’s origin to a Bline’s vertex but when I move the Bline’s origin the Rotate’s layer origin stays behind. What’s up with that? I attached the problematic file.
qq.sifz (1.47 KB)

If that was to do an arm or something, this is what I do. There is no linking. This also lets you rotate the whole arm with one duck and just the forearm with another.
qq.sifz (1.84 KB)

I’ll try that approach and many others but I don’t understand why the linking would break if I move the bline’s origin. Thinking intuitively Origin(Rotate)=Origin(Bline)+Vector(2nd vertex) unless I misunderstood the concept of linking.

If you link the origin of what is being rotated with the origin of rotation engine you create a circular reference with weird results.

That is not happening. If you link a Rotate’s origin and a Bline’s origin they move together if you tranlsate one of them, as expected, but if you link a Rotate’s origin and the Bline’s vertex and translate the Bline’s origin the Rotate’s origin stays in place which means that Origin(Rotate)=Vector(vertex). The point is that the method of making a pseudo coordinate systems on the tip of my joints isn’t applicable because of the linking mechanic.

Why would I want to make local coordinate system? Mainly because I can flexibly resize my joints, keep them intact, and not worry about movinging the Rotate’s origin.

EDIT: I more or less achieved what I wanted defining relations explicitly. However, it seems that when I paste the layer the exported values stay referenced in the pasted layer leaving them to affect the original. How would I prevent this from happening?

In the end I want to have a rigged system with bones defining the spacial relations and filler Bline regions to cover up the joint location. The latter is quite difficult to achieve because the filler bline’s region isn’t the same as the bones’ it joining.
cosyshack.sifz (2.92 KB)

In the file I downloaded the rotation didn’t even work correctly.

Seems to work on my end. How did the rotaton not work? Did it rotate around the wrong origin? Did the animation work for you?

The animation worked. But the other one just acted crazy. The rotation just was not properly functioning. There seemed to be no connection between where I move the blue duck and where the limb went. It would seem that things were linked to all kinds of other things… that would likely be where your problem is. There is no need to link any of these parts.

…looking at your animation file, and the plan you have, all you need to do is encapsulate each body part. Then you can drop in your drawn character regions into the appropriate part. Make sure your drawing layer is above your “bone” layer, but under the rotation layer and it will work fine. You can do fully articulated characters this way with head, feet hands, arms hips, Moving jaws, etc.

Here, I made a leg from your file.
qq (1).sifz (3.79 KB)

Other one?
I’m refering to cosyshack.sifz in which I had the working solution, for me atleast. Thanks for your help, though.

Ya… the first one you posted.