Linking Bug found

Currently i was linking like mad and found an unwanted behaviour. I linked a outline to to a fill. I linked a second outline to a second fill.
Now i linked this two objects (ducks). But instead of four ducks connected at one point only 3 ducks get connected, leaving the fourth loosing its link.

I appended a simple example to show this behavior. Left and Right are fully linked (vert by vert). Now try to link a duck from xxx-A with xxx-B. One duck will be left behind. Guess not, that this is intended.
linking bug.sifz (1.78 KB)

It is a known bug. The workaround is export the fist one to link and connect the rest to the exported value node.
I’ve not looked to try to find a fix to the bug but now that I know more things about link action I’ll give it a try. … tid=757416

Would be really nice if you could fix it. Currently i had a situation which was complicated enough, but then “boom”, it did not what it should and got me even more confused. :wink: