Link layer origin to a vertex?

Is that possible?
I want to link the origin of an encapsuled layer so it follows the position of a vertex of another layer so when I animate the Bline vertex the encapsuled layer follows.
I’ve tried a lot of different conversions and linking but haven’t been able to get what I want.

Yes it is. Select both ducks (Origin of the paste canvas layer and the Vertex duck) and right click -> Link). It is straight forward. None strange combination here.


Yes, that’s the way.
Thank you!

I was doing this the other day too. I selected the green duck of the encapsulated layer and the vertex, but when I right clicked there was no “link” available in the popup menu, it seemed the green duck wasn’t selected properly… Anyway I found that if you move the green duck first, it would then be properly selected and would link to the vertex without problems. Similar problem when I tried to link the paste canvas origin to a bline (as opposed to a bline vertex), “link to bline” didn’t appear as an option until I dragged the green duck a bit first
Have you had a similar experience? Is there some setting I should change, or is this just a quirk I have to work with?

Select the origin duck is sometimes difficult because all the origin ducks of all the layers are in the same position (0,0). Only if you see a bright green duck, the it is selected.
Alternatively you can:

  • Select the paste canvas layer only.
  • Select the origin duck
  • CTRL click on the othe layer(s) (paste canvas layer remains selected and the origin duck remains selected too)
  • CTRL click on the other ducks
  • Right click on one of them -> Link


I understand my problem now, it’s how I’m selecting things. I usually use marquee select (is that what you call it? drag over the area), so as not to accidentally move the selection, but this doesn’t work on the canvas layer origin green duck, you’ve actually got to click it