line and indepndent circles

Hi, im new to the whole synfig thing (actually to animating in general), so my question sounds maybe a bit dumb, but please try to help me.
My problem: I need to attach the two points of a line to two different circles, which can move independently from each other (not encapsulated)… is that possible?

thanks for helping

Hello and welcome to synfig…

First; sounds that you have an old synfig version, since 0.64.0 the terminology have changed : Encapsulate -> Group

Second; When you say attach a circle… do you mean following a spline ?

First: yes, i have 0.63.05… is that bad ??

and second… I don’t think that I mean this… I really mean a line (spline, curve, Whatever) with two ending points, which are each attached to a different circle (rectangle…what you like). The two circles can move free and independently, and the line always connects them…

Nop, it’s not that bad. Meanly, that can disturb you when looking at the documentation.

You can

  • Create a shape
  • Group it and move it to have the center of your shape near 0x and 0y
  • Create a (sp)line
  • In the layer panel Select the shape group and the spline
  • In the canvas Select the shape origin (green handle/dot/duck) and the head / tail vertex (brown) handle of the spline
  • Right click on a selected handle and link them.
    Now you can move the shape group origin, the head/tail of the spline will follow.

When i suggested you to take a look to “following a spline” page, it was in order that you adapt the way to link

This can be done in a way similar to what “Following a Spline” page explains. The difference is that each endpoint of the line will follow different splines (BTW, Synfig can create circles as splines, in fact that’s the preferred way).

Made a video which does just that:

Things to note:

  • Notice when I select all three shapes and “Link” their origin, this is important to get the line to really connect to each circle.
  • After linking origins, I needed to move the shapes back to their original position (to adapt to the new combined origin)
  • To link each endpoint to each circle I needed to select the line and the circle, then select the point I wanted to link, then right-click on the circle and choose “Link To Spline” (this is explained on following a spline page)