Lightning effect

Hi there, I’d like to replicate a lightning seen in, but I’ve got no idea how to do that. These vids are rather old and there isn’t working source file anywhere on the Intenet. Could some1 provide either source file or advice to point me at the right direction?

Hello and welcome here…

Hummm… i want to say : Noise Gradient, Region or Outline masked by Blend Method and Translate Layer could be part of the way…

That effect comes from this video I did quite long time ago… (2007)
Link to file is still on the video at youtube.

Thank you guys for the help.

Genete, I’ve alway had trouble with accesing A year ago, when I was watching your tutorials (nice job!), I could get only to the main page, but all the other references didn’t work for me (I got an error - something about rights I think…). And now I can’t even get to the main page - server not found.

Perhaps the site is restricted only to certain countries? :slight_smile:

Same here. When I did that I didn’t have any host where to place things and he offered me a space on his server.
Probably he migrated to a new one. We can contact him by his profile data: