License Intent Question

I need to clarify a point of intent regarding the license on Synfig. The GPL FAQ says that no one can incorporate GPL-covereed software into a proprietary system. ( … tarySystem)

As you know, the other two components of our game core are closed-source out of necessity, though we will be exploring a free community license for all open-source projects, and we would be leaving Synfig code open to support any other library in its place.

Beyond that, our finished game (which would require binaries of parts of the core for animation playback) is something we would also keep closed source, again out of necessity. We’re strong supporters of open-source, but we also have to pay our people so they can live. If I am indeed understanding GPL literature that states that anything using GPL code must also be GPL, that would rule out this project for my company entirely, as well as for all other game development companies.

Is that element of the GPL (which is the one element that sets it apart from LGPL) an intentional choice on the part of Synfig? If not, would the community consider undertaking re-licensing Synfig Studio under LGPL or another open-source license? I know this would require consensus from all authors, but I believe it would position Synfig to take the place of Adobe Flash in animation and game development, for both the open-source world and beyond.

Follow up: I contacted Robert Quattlebaum directly, and from his response, it is apparent that his selection of the GPL was intentional. Unfortunately, this means my team will have to abadon Synfig and build our own platform from scratch. Thank you for your support all the same.

And you can’t write an Synfig file interpreter/player? Using Synfig for content creation and your player for integration with the game engine? Perhaps under a more permissive license like MIT so others can use the player in their projects how they please.
It would be useful to the community and you wouldn’t have to start from scratch with everything, you’ve got a basic structure to work with and you have a software to create your graphics and animation.

UPDATE: My decision is on hold right now, as I am trying to work something out with Robert Quattlebaum. I will keep ya’ll posted.