LibreOffice Animation

Hi folks!
I am glad to anounce this new animation, and share the source files( next week ), with Synfig community.
I would like to thank all Synfig community, Genete, Zelgadis, and so many others that are always fighting for this great software to grow up and become a reference.

So, first, the animation:

I am starting to record a “timelapse” making of, so I do not need to speak. Probably next week, with the source files.
The Synfig in the whole process:

Well, Synfig was used in all scenes, animating, and composing the 2 scenes where the character was rendered from Blender, and exported as image sequences.

All other character animations were animated directly from Synfig, using skeleton tool. In the final scene, all “lipsync” was made inside Synfig using this technique( with image list and timeloop ):

The reason of use the Blender for the first character scenes was: Audio track, so… a little bit faster than using Audacity to mark silence spaces and than work in Synfig( we can use that easily, no problem, but this time I have a short time to produce, so in this case, Blender helped a bit ). But, well, It’s more beautiful to work in Synfig using Skeleton, cause the character rig is so fast, and we can still make use of vector animation( tweening ). Notice the clothing movement at the final scene.

This is a picture:

I had some issues, Synfig closed sometimes, but my “paranoia” with ctrl+s helped a lot.

Tthis was the animation workflow:

So, next week I’ll share the source files( just cleaning up junkie files and unused ).

But, for now, the Minimarte episode #2 source files are available in the post:
[url]Minimarte Episode #2]

And for aditional information about the LibreOffice animation, you can visit my site:

Ricardo, you’re the example to follow!

Truly great work! You deserve a subforum of your own. I already learned a tremendous amount about Synfig by just studying your examples and workflow.


Hey! Thanks darkspace65!

Thumbs up for that!

looks good but the color of the hand dont show up so well against the lighter background

another very nice video ricardo !

Thumbs up!

Nice work, thanks for sharing!

For your next run of a similar workflow you may wanna have a look at a new plugin I just added that allows to import audio timing from Audacity to Synfig: plugin to import keyframes - audio synchronisation

Let me know how to improve it.

Thanks guys!
Hi Berteh, nice news about this plugin solution!

I have good news, the source files are available for download:

It’s easy to understand, I think.

Thanks Ricardo, your so generous!

Was the skeleton tool a lot easier than the process of making animations in Blender and then exporting the results?