Libre Graphics Meeting 2009 finished

LGM 2009 has finished:

Recordings of the various events are available here: … /lgm-2009/

I really hope someone involved with Synfig will be able to attend next year.

New videos are still coming. The most interesting in my opinion were Inkscape v0.47 and Beyond, Blender Dev Talk: 2.5 and looks on the future and PiTiVi: an overview of a FOSS video editor’s history and design was quite interesting. GIMP UI: taking some big issues by the horns, was not very interesting but “shmuck” killed me :smiley:

If you get bored of clicking to download all the videos, this command will grab all the Ogg files:

$ wget -A .ogg -np -r  -c

Change .ogg to .mp4/.mp3/.flv/.mov to download different file types (mp3 is audio-only). You can kill and resume it fine.