libglibmm-2.4-1.dll was not found

I just installed Synfig on my computer and when I try and open it says "This application failed to start because libglibmm-2.4-1.dll was not found. I installed all 4 components onto my computer.

How do I fix this?

Read this thread from the old wiki.

I think it has a solution.

As genete alludes, it’s likely that c:\gtk\bin isn’t in your path. Also, check that the dll actually exists in the c:\gtk\bin dir.


No I couldn’t find it in the directory.

Is there a way I can download just that file and add it to the bin directory?

Not really. Your best bet is probably to uninstall GTK & GTKmm and then reinstall.


I did that and the application starts now but the black command line prompt screen pops up and if I exit out of it the application closes. Is the command line prompt screen suppose to pop up?

Yes it is the output message console. You can minimize it and forget it unless you have a trouble.

I’m working on making Synfig a package for the users on my campus, using Microsoft Application Virtualization. Think a mix of Citrix and VMware, but focused on just the application, not dependent on the workstation.

I get the same error, but I’ve found that a local installation of GTK+ and GTKmm makes the application work.

Your project looks very interesting. Please report a link to the project site, blog or anything else that allows us to include it in Synfig website. Alternatively provide more information in a separated thread. It is always interesting to know how is Synfig being used.


Harshmage - check out the latest release. All the necessary dependencies are bundled in one installer. Like genete, I’d be interested in what you’re doing too. I hadn’t heard of MS Application Virtualization.