LGM 2012


I’m planning to attend LGM this year again, so I was thinking I could do a Synfig talk/demo there, to show the cool new features and how powerful is synfig already.
So I’d like developers opinion, please tell me if you think it’s a good idea, and what you’d like to be told about Synfig, if you have some message to pass.
Also if anyone else is planning to go there and would like to join me on this talk, you’re welcome!

It is great! \o/

Hmmm, I think it is not a good idea at all. You shouldn’t talk about Synfig in any LGM or any other meeting around. Synfig is better as it is, unknown, so we have less spam, and a small and friendly community… :unamused: :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

You can talk about Advanced Outlines. You can make a small screencasting of using it on production. Advanced Outlines are cool as itself and would keep attenders interest.
Also if we arrive at time, you could talk about the new being implemented Outline Grow option for inline Paste Canvas and about the new interpolation method: “Clamped”. Both will be included in the next release. You can use the video I did for clamped interpolation.

Good luck!

Thanks Genete for your answer :laughing:

Of course Advanced outlines is one of the Fun features I’m planning to present.
I take note of those future features, they look interesting to show too. I’ll probably try to play with the dev version to test them before release.

I’m actually living in Oldenburg, Germany so probably I attend too. Let me know when are you going there so we can coordinate and if you need help and we can make the slides together :slight_smile:
I think that would be a great call for developers and a self motivation to improve synfig before we go there :smiley:
And a great record for the CV!

Hey Animtim!
How is this going?
Have you already applied in LGM.org?

Me have just applied to LGM today. Let’s see if my talk will be accepted…

Did you all apply? When is the acceptation talk made?
I’m crossing fingers, willing that the T-Shirts becomes a reality and that you can make a lot of noise at the LGM

Thanks to you all!

Hey, I applied too.
I didn’t submit a presentation but maybe I can give a quick talk, around 10 minutes about what synfig needs, synfig’s roadmap or something like that. Maybe a little brainstorming from the audience or something.
Animtim is presenting synfig features. What are you presenting, Zelgadis?

PD: There are some BIG shots going. Have a look at the who’s comming list.
PD2: I want a Synfig T-Shirt!!! :slight_smile:

I just submitted a short talk (10 minutes) (no slides yet)
Title: Coding for Synfig: Our road ahead
This is my index:

  • The problems we have in Synfig Studio.
    ** VERY few developers
    ** Slow rendering
    ** No sound support
    ** No SVG export
    ** No bones support
    ** No full video import support
    ** No scripting support
  • So… Is Synfig better than Paint?
  • What we want to implement.
    ** Cairo rendering (proposed project for GSoC)
    ** Improve SVG import
    ** SVG+SMIL export for SVG animation
    ** Sound integration
    ** Scripting support
  • Come code for Synfig!
  • Q&A

I submitted it now but they sey they are flexible for not full presentations. I hope it gets accepted.

I’m presenting Remake. ^___^ The accepted talks will be announced on 15th March.

eldruin. interesting. Would be great if you could mention some positive things also, like how much improvements have been done lately (clamped interpolation!). It sounds a little negative with only what we’re lacking.

Are the small talks also published at river valley (http://river-valley.tv/conferences/lgm-2011) or is it just the full length ones?

zelgadis. Also very interesting!

The Advanced Outline is a killer feature for me - it saves me literally hours and hours of work.

I have never needed to export SVG from Synfig - the workflow is far more often the other way and I thing nikitakit’s new SVG exporter is one of the most important things that has happened to the Synfig world.

I’ve never been particularly bothered by rendering speed. Yes, it could be better but it’s fine. I’m far more bothered by not having a progress bar for rendering and being able to cancel a render than the actual speed.

I think the .lst file importer for image sequences is just as good as video import. After all, all video is a sequence of frames anyway.

No sound support - well, I tend to mark off the key frames in Audacity. I like to get the keyframes on the soundtrack worked out first, animate to the keyframes and then I can listen to music when I work and forget about sound 8)

The Preview window improvements are a huge step forward.

Ok, sorry if it sounded negative, but Animtim is already performing a presentation on Synfig capabilities (if it gets accepted).
Maybe I can talk a little about the good things that have happened lately in the intermediate point.
Just wanted to catch the attention of the developers there.
If my talk gets accepted I’ll post the slides here for comments.

@Zelgadis: Very interesting! :slight_smile:

Reading the projects in the LGM website, I noticed Synfig is not there, and some of the included are not that big, so I think we should contact the LGM as they say in the projects page to include Synfig.

PS: I’ve already bought the tickets :slight_smile:

@DaveJ - can you write down your workflow for figuring out the frames in Audacity?


Please be patient. :slight_smile:

Aah, so in the projects page there will be only the projects there will be a talk about. ok, I thought it was more general, just remarkable libre graphics projects.
I hope we can get there :slight_smile:

Yay! My talk just got accepted! ^___^

Congratulations! Should be exciting to watch the videos from that! (as I cannot go there myself…)

Hey, I got the approval email for my talk yesterday too, great!
That’s very cool you can come too Zelgadis and eldruin, LGM people won’t miss Synfig this year :.)

@eldruin: I agree with all DaveJ’s comments, and please don’t forget to mention all the progress and the cool features from the “code” point of view,
it might interest more people to come hack on it although of course telling some key missing or not-yet-there features is important.

@Zelgadis: awesome! I’m looking forward for your talk on Remake, I’m sure I’ll learn a lot and will want to use it then :stuck_out_tongue: