Layers, Parenting, Linking and all this stuff


so yea, I can work with Synfig. But I still got Problems with everything and solves them by clicking randomly on some Buttons until it fits the way I want. Works for the beginning, but seriously I want to know what effect a certain function has before seeing that it was not what I intended to do.

  1. Ok, I found the “Encapsulate” function. Nice for grouping things. But is there a way to “move the center only” so I don’t have to select all Blines first and move their centers? (Same thing for Bline objects as well)

  2. When I create a Bline I sometimes decide that I need an outline to fit the region. One way is to redraw everything, which is nasty for big an complicated Blines. Adding a new region layer does not work either, it’s just another new and different Bline.

  3. “Onto”, yea thats! a helpful function indeed. But I don’t really get the system behind it? Sometimes it does work on a layer underneath and sometimes it does not and takes a different one. But once I found the right one it does not matter what order I change the layers to? I don’t get it.

  4. Refers kinda to the 3. one. Can I define the layer that a blend effect should be applied to?

Think thats all right now.
greetings :slight_smile:

Select the encapsulate layer and move the green duck at (usually) at the center of the screen. It would offset all the encapsulated. it is to fill an outline but it is valid to outline a fill :wink:.

Layer blending work from top to bottom. Order is important. See this:


Yea, that is moving everything inside. But my problem is that, when encapsulating, the center always is in the center of the screen and not in the middle of the objects inside the encapsulation.

Not quite. For example. I got a square and two circles. Now I want to make the circles appear on the square only. This is what I do: Put the first circlelayer exactly above the squarelayer. Set Blend to Onto. Put the second layer above the squarelayer. Set Blend to Onto. Now I can change the Order or put more layers between the circles and the square -> no change. So is there a way to blend on a certain layer without all the order-changing work?


I need a visual example of the desired result (maybe you can fake the result) vs the current result in synfig.

Still don’t understanding what do you want to achieve.


There is currently no way around that. I, too, have found that inconvenient at times. However, putting the center in the center of all shapes can be misleading - if more layers are added to the canvas, the center must not move. Therefore, it will almost never be at the exact middle anyway.

Yes, you can change the order of the circle layers. However, the circle layers have to stay above the square layer. Note that the circle layers are affected by (the result of) all layers below them.

See the attached example .sifz file.

Example.sifz (659 Bytes)

Ok, I think I am getting an idea of it.

Still I have the Encapsulate-Midpoint problem. In case there is no easy solution, I suggest it for future versions :wink: