Layer Lock

Been scanning hand drawn animation and then tweening them on Synfig, but what frustrates me most is that regardless of the Z position of the scan pictures when working with vectors we frequently make accidents of moving / selecting the pictures instead. It’s much more convenient for me to keep the scanned pictures at the top layer with “multiply” on and opacity to 50.

It’d be even more convenient if we had a “layer lock” feature similar to Sai, OpenCanvas, GIMP, ToonBoom and Photoshop. A simple feature which would really really really help!

To prevent accidental modification of any parameter (in this case the image corners) you can convert it to “Greyed” so the duck turns to white and cannot be handled.
It seems that Greyed Convert type is not documented in the wiki.

Daww… Well that works for me, but wouldn’t it be quick and easy to have a button for it in the layers menu, right besides the “raise layer” option?

Sure. Would you please help us by adding this nice request (lock/unlock layer) to the feature tracker at sourceforge?

Done! :mrgreen:

EDIT: While going through the Feature Request page at Sourcforge, something interesting caught my eye. … tid=757419

Ah, still a problem. As you asked, I converted the two ducts to greyed, and as much as it does what I want, that is prohibiting modification even if I want to, each time I want to work on the vector and accidentally click outside it still keeps selecting the top greyed layer. I got ambitious and decided to convert every parameter to “greyed” but still no luck.

Any workarounds until the feature’s released?

What you are looking for is to disable a layer for be seelcted by click on the canvas, right? And so you can have it with you and easily select/work with the layers below.
In every Synfig layer there is a fucntion called Hit_chek(point p) that returns true when the layer renders something at the point p. If the layer returns a alpha=0 value at that point is returns false.

It would be possible to add a layer feature that turns on and off the ability of be catched by the mouse click.
It may be interesting to implement but there is something to consider:

  1. The layer still being selectable with the mouse in the layers list.
  2. There should be something that provides a visual feed back to tell the user which layers are selectable with mouse clic on the canvas and which don’t.
  3. The selectability of the layer has to be saved in the document, so it should be something like being active.

Any other thought about its implementation?

Exactly! However let that featre be integrated directly into the Lock Layer feature, completing its purpose. Possible, hopefully?

Not sure what else is there though.