layer icon naming


Do we need to name all the icon file (.png) for layer in a regular naming rule,

for example, currently circle layer refers to circle_icon.png, is it needed to create a link
named layer_geometry_circle_icon.png(or layer_circle_icon.png) to this circle_icon.png file?

and some of the layers icons are just named as “layer_duplicate_icon.png”.

I personally prefer layer_duplicate_icon.png to layer_other_duplicate.png

Hi Jcome,
during the latest release I did some renaming scheme for the icons. As you can see the new icons names are all well formed. The rest are pending on renaming, yes. Maybe you want to code it?. It is a fair easy modification and would introduce you to the coding addiction :mrgreen:

ok, let me have a try , I started learning git this monday :slight_smile:

last weekend, I took sometime on it, and finally, I got it work well on my latop.
So, I will move to next step, create the icons for those layers which don’t have their own one, make patches (iconcontroller.cpp and

once all done, I will submit these :slight_smile:

jcome, please checkout the latest master branch in git before start modifying the code in your local repo. The most updated is the starting branch you use to the modifications the easier to merge with the master branch.
Please update here your progresses. The most atomic commits the best. Large code modifications in one single commit is later a pain to debug. Please, always verify that the modificaitons build and install properly before commit them to the local repo.
I plan to do a long merge of several files due to the documentation I’m doing for synfig-core. Although I don’t think it would interfere with synfig-studio it is better for me to be warned of your modifications for easier collaboration.
Thanks for your contribution!
PS: if you feel strong to do code modifications (bugs or new improvements) in a regular basis, please let me know and I’ll add you to the code writers list.

ok, here patches come, it is an easy job for a developer’s point of view, but for me it was not so easy :mrgreen:

the archive contains two patches, one is used to update the source file (iconcontroller.cpp and of images). the other is to add new layer icon sif files[1], and rename those icon name following the naming scheme: layer_[layercategory]_[layername]_icon.IMAGE_EXT.

the patches are tested and run well with the newest source (Jul 23, 2010 1:00 am around) as attached screenshot file.

[1]at this stage, I just duplicated from original icon files to save time, and hopefully, I will gain motivation to create some of them.
synfig_layer_icon_naming-patches.tar.bz2 (20.4 KB)

test result. the master branch clone with the 2 patches patched, all the layer icons are staying there

one more thing I have to mention here, I mixed patch 1 and 2 a bit, the icon .sif files deleting tasks should be contained in the second patch, but I put it into the first patch, sorry for that. I am totally a new git user (sounds like a excuse, isn’t it?) If needed, let me know, I will update my patches.

Yes, many thanks for your kind guide.

Hi Genete, it is my first time to “look into source code”. and to be honest, it is fun :slight_smile: . Due to my lacking of programming knowledge, I have to take it step by step, currently, what I can do is something like this layer naming update. hopeful I can do more for synfig :slight_smile:

Thanks for your kind help.


will take care of them during the weekend…

Jcome, your patch has been applied.
I have two comments though:

  1. Please do not include any comment in the diff file. I’m not sure if patch command would accept them. Better use a separated file or the comment field in the patch tracker of sourceforge (which is the preferred place to send patches)
  2. You have messed up it a bit the code :wink:. There where lots of duplicated INIT_STOCK_ICON macros in the inconcontroller.cpp file. In this case there is nothing wrong with it but in general it could lead to bugs or unexpected behavior. I fixed them all.

Thank you very much for the patch and keep the coding interest alive!! All the help is welcome! :smiley:

I’ve fixed the Outline Layer icon. It should be like the width tool icon. There is nothing wrong on duplicate the file because in the future, both icons could diverge.

Hi Genete,

Thanks for taking your time on my first patch of synfig.

Ok, get it. the more patches(hopefully) will be the preferred place :slight_smile:

I have already have some ideas regarding synfig, mainly ui stuff, some is easy and other is a bit difficult, to master basic coding knowledge and skills is the only thing I have to do right now. It would be better way, pick up easy tasks first.

Thanks for your kind help.

I noticed this misstake as well, thanks.